Ron Samul is a writer, journalist, and educator. He holds a BA in English and MFA in Professional & Creative Writing from Western Connecticut State University. He is a college educator, teaching across the spectrum of writing from college composition to graduate level teaching and advising. His work has appeared in Liturgical Credo, Outside In Magazine, SNReview, Inquiring News, Library Journal, and other online media. He has presented at the Associated Writers Program Conference (2006), he has been a judge for the IMPAC Connecticut State University Young Writers Competition. He was the winner of the Connecticut AWP Award in Fiction (2005) for his story Paper Thin. His series on diving and the ocean can be found here at Under the Influence. His novel The Staff was a finalist in the Del Sol First Novel Award in 2017 and is now available on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback editions. To Contact Ron Samul - send email to

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